Go From
Insight to
Functional Concept.

Work alongside innovators from other companies. Develop a new point of view.

1 Charter,
10 Companies,
10 Months,
10 New Strategies & Solutions

the Digital Collaboratives

The most important thinking you will do on digital strategy this year

Digital Collaboratives are about you working along side really smart people from other companies in a small group forum to solve big, hairy challenges that the digital landscape and consumer behavior thrust upon companies. They are about looking forward two years and thinking about how your company will be affected by change. They are about customer centricity—starting with deep insights into your target audience and then applying those insights to real scenarios you can design for. And – they are about friendships made between peers who go on a year-long journey together into uncharted territory.

How it Changed Me

Alumni share the large and small transformations that being a member of a Collaborative leads to.

First Impressions

Until you’ve experienced a Collab you don’t understand it. Members describe when they really got it.  

Describe the Collaborative

Is it workshops? Is it research? Alumni describe the Digital Collaborative

How the Collaborative Works

The successful process

The Consumer Collaborative Timeline

From then till now
Defining the digital consumer
What comes after mobility?
How to anticipate a need
Building relationships over time

Other Collaboratives

From then till now
Digital B2B Collaborative Building relationships with small to mid size businesses
Digital Healthcare Collaborative Using digital to create patient/ people engagement

In 2017 We Will..

2017 Digital Consumer Collaborative Charter

How to Build Relationships Over Time

  1. Find new ways to get beyond driving behavior and building relationships when consumers are very empowered.
    • Find new or underutilized engagement tactics that build relationships of trust between brands and consumers.
    • Find new ways to engage consumers through digital communication platforms (e.g., social, web, email, app).
  2. Find new ways to generate creativity for brands and consumers.
  3. Find new ways to use contextual solutions to differentiate a brand and keep a brand promise.

2017 Digital Healthcare Collaborative Charter

Patient Engagement and Re-engagement

  1. Find new principals, techniques and strategies for increasing current and future personal health engagement (and reengagement). Focus on both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators.
  2. Define what patient engagement looks like from the patient’s point of view rather than from the company or brand point of view. Focus on how to solve their problems.
  3. Identify the principles of digital tools that increase adoption. Solve for how to get patients to regularly use healthcare tools.

...Already Planning For 2018

The Output

We start each year with foundational principles and frameworks and then work to deliver powerful, tested solutions designed for each brand.
General Outputs
  • New Frameworks
  • Original Insights
  • Principles
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Point of View
  • Trends and Direction
Output For Your Brand
  • Digital Tool Designs
  • Validated Strategies/Tactics
  • Tested Concepts
  • Channel Guidelines
  • New Product
  • Brand Direction


Four face-to-face working sessions with members of the Collaborative and Stone Mantel. (One per quarter)


Access to all prior research of the Collaborative during the previous years.


Your scenario answered: the results of a forward looking challenge you face that is studied in two rounds of ethnography, two rounds of co-creation, and a thousand-person survey.


Foundational insights into consumer behavior, digital, and your business strategy.

Collaborative Members and Alumni

our loyal partners
Eryn Nelson-Thompson

Digital Business Leader

Jeff Stender

Globafifl Digital Experience Leader, Industrial Adhesives and Tape

Jill Gutterman



Consulting, Digital Transformation

Milena Oliveira

Director, Global Marketing Operations and M&A

Stacey Wagner

Brand Experience Specialist

Judith Frey
A Major Hotel Brand

Vice President, Digital Design, Development & Operations

Ken Kellogg
A Major Hotel Brand

Senior Director, Digital Research

Mercy Health Systems

Vice President, Brand and Digital Experience

Rob Johnston
A Major Hotel Brand

Director of Research

Laura McCutcheon
Advance America

Vice President of Marketing

Trudy Boyles
Advance America

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications, Training and Recruiting

Debbie Fischer
American Family Insurance

Marketing Research Senior Analyst

Duane Ives
American Family Insurance

Omni-Channel/ Digital Experience Director

Erika Mundinger
American Family Insurance

Primary Research Manager

Giustina Parisi
American Family Insurance

Consumer & Portfolio Insights Manager

Greg Geib
American Family Insurance

Customer Value Stategy Consultant

Katie Jasinski
American Family Insurance

Senior Market Research Analyst

Sharon Lee
American National Bank of Texas

Executive Vice President/ Director Client Services

Cindy Casper
Sam’s Club


Arizona State University

Senior Director, Knowledge & Insights

Matt Bintzler
Arizona State University

Senior Director of Marketing Technologies

George Dyche
Avery Dennison

Director, Global RFID, Innovation and Product Line Management

Julie Rodriguez
Avery Dennison

Senior Manager, RFID Product Management and Deployment

Julie Vargas
Avery Dennison

Director, Digital Solutions

Shaun Chokreff

Director of Sales

Steve Cooley
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Ph.D. Divisional Vice President, Strategic Market Research

Jessica Correa
Carpet One


Planet Fitness

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Julie Whitney

Senior Manager, Emerging Shopper Technologies, eCommerce

Cathy Cochran
Cone Health

Executive Director, Clinical Informatics

Greg Berney
Cone Health

Director of Patient Experience

Greg Hewitt
Cone Health

Executive Director of Innovation

Susan Ireton
Cone Healthcare

Director of Clinical Inform Improv

Suzanne Goodell
Cone Healthcare

Director of Clinical Inform Improv

Justin Odom

Director, Digital Marketing

Cynthia Davis

Director of Consumer & Brand Insights

Dave Coltrin

Senior Director, Product Marketing & Marketing Technology

Gavin Hupp

Marketing Technology & Guest Experience

Cathy Gallant
Disney Channel

Executive Director, Research

Disney ABC Television Group


Jocelyn McDowell
Disney Channel

Innovative Insights, Analytics & Strategy Executive

Disney ABC Television Group


Maggie Harding
Disney ABC Television Group

Senior Manager Research

Stella Wilson
Disney ABC Television Group

Research Manager - Digital & Strategy

Steve Whittington
Disney ABC Television Group

Director, Consumer Data & Analytics

Lisa Owens
DX Marketing Group

Business Development

Kerry Sette
Erwin Penland


Voya Financial

Vice President, Head of Consumer Insights & Research

Roger Beasley
Erwin Penland

Chief Strategy Officer

Harry Brandicourt
Fifth Third Bank

Director, Sustainability & Wellness

Larry McClanahan
Fifth Third Bank

Vice President, Digital Delivery

Sandra Hudnell
Fifth Third Bank

Senior Vice President, Digital & Direct Marketing

Vijay Ramnathan
Fifth Third Bank

Vice President Product Management (Comdata)

Bill Eisele

Consumer Understanding & Insighs Manager

Craig Elbert

Marketing Development Director

Kimberly Jones

Loyalty Marketing Manager

Mary Putman

Vice President, Digital Innovation Strategy & Corporate Alignment

Wendy Bonnstetter

User Experience Designer

Don Fairbanks
Hello World

Senior Director Product Strategy

Jen Gray
Hello World

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

Audrey Chee
Hill Holliday

VP Planning Director

Gregory Pelton

Chief Medical Officer

Mike McShea

Product Management & Marketing Executive


Product Management & Marketing Executive

Patrick O’Shea

Chief Revenue Officer

Erin Skurda
Johnson & Johnson

Product Ideation Director

Raphaela O’Day
Johnson & Johnson

Behavioral Scientist

Tom Donnelly
Market Vision

Vice President

Joe Kelly
Mercy Health Systems

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Malia Zoghlin

Lead User Experience Researcher (Hyatt Hotels)

Stacey Symonds

Senior Director, Consumer Insights

Jan Oldenburg
Participatory Health Consulting


Chris Schermer


Seth Hogan

User Experience Manager

Zach Dillon

Manager Multichannel Guest Insights

Chris Lee
TE Connectivity

Leader, Digital Marketing and Analytics

Ed Murphy
TE Connectivity

Digital Product Operations Manager

Steve Max
TE Connectivity

Manager, Global Digital Strategy and Solutions

Greg Silvesti
Teva Pharm

Director, GCI Patient Technologies and Diagnostics

Lou Zollo
Teva Pharm

Patient Solutions

Travis Gensemer
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Senior, Manager, Respiratory Market Research

Alan Woodruff
Voya Financial

Director of Consumer Strategy

Roma Patel
Voya Financial

Director of Digital Marketing Engagement

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