How To Build Relationships Over Time

  1. Find new ways to get beyond driving behavior and building relationships when consumers are very empowered.
    • Find new or underutilized engagement tactics that build relationships of trust between brands and consumers.
    • Find new ways to engage consumers through digital communication platforms (e.g., social, web, email, app).
  2. Find new ways to generate creativity for brands and consumers.
  3. Find new ways to use contextual solutions to differentiate a brand and keep a brand promise.

2017 Members

Timeline and Locations

First Working Session for 2017 Collaborative
November 9-11, 2016, Clearwater Beach, FL
Second Working Session
February 27 – March 1, Park City, UT
Third Working Session
May 22 – 24, Westborough, MA
Final Working Session
September 12-15, Chicago, IL


  • New principles and insights into relationship building with digital experiences.
  • Tested concepts focused on loyalty programs.
  • Quantitative validation of concepts developed by Collab members.
  • New research techniques and frameworks for studying relationships.