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Summer Camp 2015: Positive Digital Strategy & Customer Loyalty

August 5-7, 2015

The most important thinking you will do on digital strategy this year

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Create your digital game plan to successfully attract and retain customers in today’s ever-changing marketplace where loyalty is key — Learn how Positive Digital Strategy will help you shape everything from content to data to device experience  — and how this will help you become integral to your customers’ digital life, ensuring loyalty and trust.


Summer Camp 2015 is the marquee open event of the Digital Collaboratives and the most fun you’ll have digging into digital strategy all year long. This year our theme is: Positive Digital Strategy and Customer Loyalty. Your customers are not nearly as loyal as you think. They choose brands based on their ability to deliver happiness. And technology should support the well-being of people. Shifts in consumer attitudes − especially among Millennials − mean your digital strategy must do more than just make promises and deliver simple apps. Consumers expect more from your brand. They want a holistic experience.

Join us in Colorado Springs, CO this August.  At Summer Camp, you will join one of the most innovative groups of Collaborators ever assembled and gain exclusive insights to shape your organization’s digital strategy, with a unique focus on customer happiness. From positive computing to the Internet of Everything, you will develop your point of view on a range of topics. We will go deep into the lives of consumers and share the newest research findings from the Collaborative has conducted. You will work alongside and learn from your colleagues who are members of the Collaborative as they bring the issues of digital strategy to life.

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But it’s not all work. Like the best summer camps, there’s tennis, golf, hikes, and s’mores. –Maybe even some camp songs if the group gets going. And your families are welcome.

What you will receive

From your time at Summer Camp, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Critical insights into the direction of digital consumer – insights unavailable anywhere else that will provide you with a 2-3 year competitive advantage.
  • Tools to help your organization make informed decisions about brand strategy, customer loyalty, innovation, and experience delivery.
  • Research methodologies, including the acclaimed Mantel Method, to help you continually anticipate your digital consumer’s changing needs, wants and buying patterns.
  • A valuable new network of colleagues with similar business, marketing, and innovation goals.
  • The best thinking on digital:
    • Loyalty
    • Positive Computing
    • Mobility
    • Internet of Everything
    • Data
    • Content
    • Context
    • Influence
  • Resources and action plan to implement upon your return.

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At Summer Camp, we work together. We think about and explore a wide range of issues affected by shifts in digital technology. For example:

  • Positive computing starts with positive digital strategy.
  • Digital changes how companies should make and keep promises.
  • The Internet of Everything affects consumer loyalty.
  • Content, especially video content, is headed in new directions.
  • Consumer decision-making is increasingly affected by ‘modes’ and ‘queues.’
  • Social media, location data, and bio data are three of seven types of data that change the consumer’s context.
  • After Omni-Channel comes Digital Context.
  • To support design thinking and consumer research digital research and analytics must evolve.

Listen to what some of last year’s participants – who will be back this summer – say:

The Summer Camp Experience

Let’s talk about the event itself! The Stone Mantel team will guide you through two and half days of programming custom fitted for your goals and objectives.

At camp, you’ll meet the Collaborative camp counselors  who will work closely with you to shape a winning strategy.

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Program Description

Pre-Event Goals Review

Prior to the event, we conduct a one-on-one phone interview with you to review your goals for Summer Camp. What topics are most important to you? What’s your starting point?  Based on your goals and objectives, we will customize a set of case studies designed for you and match you with a small group of colleagues who have similar goals.

Personal Workout Day

Learn as much as you possibly can from each of the Camp leaders. A wide range of topics and trends are shared. Case studies are presented. And we go deep into the implications of the general findings from the Digital Consumer Collaborative. You progress from station to station. We layer on innovation and brand frameworks. Then, working in teams, we apply the concepts you’ve studied to real world case studies. Co-creating with people from companies is a powerful way to bring the insights to life.

Collaborate Day

On Collaborate Day you will be introduced to more insights and led by Collaborative members. You will work to solve digital strategy challenges that affect branding, loyalty, innovation, and customer experience. Each challenge is accompanied by a set of insights and frameworks discovered through the Digital Consumer Collaborative and the growing body of best practices in digital strategy.

Research Shaping Half Day

In the Collaborative we innovate new research and insights gathering techniques. You will learn about new design thinking and research techniques to use when you target digital consumers. You will work with Collaborative members to identify research topics to go after. Your work will help you create a picture of the type of questions you need to answer to attract, retain, and innovate for digital consumers.

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The all-inclusive registration fee of $4550 covers your accommodations at the luxurious Broadmoor for 3 nights, all program materials, exclusive research insights/foresights, all meals, snacks, social activities, and a powerful, individualized digital strategy action plan with follow-up.

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The Broadmoor

We’ll be staying at the Five-Star Colorado Springs Resort where luxury seamlessly blends with the timeless elegance of this historic hotel. The Broadmoor is located near the southern edge of the Rockies and is surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Planning Your Travel

Please plan to arrive on Tuesday, August 4th.  Summer Camp will begin the morning of August 5th for full day meetings and will conclude on Friday, August 7th at 1:00pm.  You are welcome to remain for one-on-one sessions Friday afternoon with Stone Mantel to apply what you learned and further develop your game plan, or depart as you wish.


Colorado Springs Airport is located just 15 minutes from The Broadmoor and serviced by several major airlines. The Denver International Airport is one of the world’s largest airports and is located 90 minutes from the resort. Please forward your flight information to us so we can arrange shuttle transportation to the hotel.

We are looking forward to a fantastic event!

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Download presentation on The Top 8 Digital Marketing Success Factors for 2015 and Beyond: Why Customer Loyalty is Everything

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